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North West Collective

We are part of the North West Collective – nine local organisations from Belfast, Shirley, Papanui, St Albans and Bishopdale who provide services and programmes to their communities. We are committed to working together to strengthen our communities and aim to be both caring and professional as we partner with our communities. For more info on the North West Collective check out www.northwestcollective.weebly.com.

Our programmes are kept at low costs through grants and donations. Please help us continue to help our community by making a donation. Donations over $5 are tax deductible.

Special thanks to

The Bishopdale Community Trust was established in 1999 to support people in the northwest area of Christchurch, in particular Bishopdale.

We do this by: 


  • Helping people feel part of the community

  • Offering a warm welcome, listening ear and a drink

  • Running weekly groups and activities

  • Operating Sundbye Community House as a drop-in community centre for locals

  • Publishing the quarterly Bishopdale Bulletin newsletter

  • Maintaining the Bishopale Directory which provides information on activities, groups and clubs, events, services, churches, schools, shops and businesses in the Bishopdale area.


Drop into Sundbye House any time for a hot or cold drink, meet old friends and make new ones.

Normal opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 10am till 3pm.

Sundbye Community House
100 Farrington Avenue

Christchurch 8053


Ph: 03 359 1741

Email: bctrust@xtra.co.nz

Make a donation to our Trust

  • Friends of Bishopdale Community Trust for your donations

  • All of our volunteers

  • All who have donated items to the Trust

  • All our funders and supporters

We are funded by the following organisations

Bishopdale Community Trust compiles and maintains the Bishopdale Directory.


The directory aims to provide comprehensive information on local activities, groups and clubs, events, services, churches, schools, shops and businesses.

Check the directory out. You'll be amazed about how much goes on in our community!

Sundbye House, 100 Farrington Avenue, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8053

03 359 1741


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